• Betrayal comes in many forms… and on many blogs

    I recently stopped by Alison Morton’s blog to talk about the big or little events or moments that might inspire a writer. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know a couple of scenes in a television show set off my curiosity about Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade. That led to […]

  • Right to Reply – the 12th Century

    Author Annie Whitehead invited E.M. Powell, Edward Ruadh Butler and me to “slug it out” on her blog, Casting Light upon the Shadow a few weeks ago as part of her “Right to Reply” series. Our topic — one near and dear to each of our hearts — The 12th Century. Annie asked us E.M. […]

  • English Historical Fiction Authors weekly round-up – #EHFA

    This week on #EHFA: a 17th century actress, Gibraltar, English Puritanism, Cromwell & more. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity: the building of Gibraltar’s Protestant church by Jacqueline Reiter The “great shaft of Cornehill” and the Origins of English Puritanism by Mark Patton Order! Order! – Cromwell loses it, and dissolves Parliament by Deborah Swift Mistress of […]

  • Promoting other authors – #EHFA

    Back in 2015 I was invited to be a regular contributor on EHFA, the English Historical Fiction Authors blog. Recently, I joined the blog editors team. EHFA has been a wonderful experience. I have found a very supportive group of authors through the EHFA Facebook page, which anyone – book lovers or authors –  can […]

  • IndieBRAG Holiday Blog Hop

    I have joined indieBRAG Medallion honorees for the month of December, on, for  this Christmas Blog Hop. Participating authors will share tales of Christmas traditions and more. Enjoy! And Happy Holidays to you! Traditions…Dad worked on the Christmas tree lot for the Optimists Club every year, selling beautiful and fresh-smelling pines and cedars. He could have brought […]

  • Versatile bloggers

    Alison Morton, author of the Roma Nova series and fellow B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree, named me a versatile blogger.  How cool is that? What a great way to be introduced to readers of Alison’s blog and to recognize other writers. Check out the other individuals she nominated. (I would’ve added at least 2 of them here if […]

  • Rebecca’s advice to writers – giving it to us straight

    Thank you, Rebecca T. Dickson, for reminding me (and other writers) that writing is not all shiny and the writing life is not easy, but if you love it, you will endure. Rebecca’s post is from 2013, but the points she makes still hit home. I really had to laugh at these 3 because I am guilty! […]

  • 4 day break!

    Happy Thanksgiving! (almost) What’s on the menu for my 4 day break? 1) Turkey and trimmings with my daughter and her husband in Kansas City. 2) I will skip the Black Friday events. I shop when I need something, not because of sales. The mad frenzy doesn’t invigorate me. And I’m not a browser. I […]

  • and the elevator door closes…

    Writer Matthew Harffy is ahead of me. On his blog, Bernicia Chronicles, he writes that he’s completed revisions on his Dark Ages novel and has sent it out out for another round of beta readers. His decision to do a ‘pitch’ at a conference inspired me to start thinking about how I might pitch Battle […]