Promoting other authors – #EHFA

Back in 2015 I was invited to be a regular contributor on EHFA, the English Historical Fiction Authors blog. Recently, I joined the blog editors team. EHFA has been a wonderful experience. I have found a very supportive group of authors through the EHFA Facebook page, which anyone – book lovers or authors –  can join. The FB page features the blog posts, but also has readers and authors contributing all types of great information on English history and all genres of English historical fiction – from mysteries, to biographical fiction, thrillers, adventures, romance and more. 

Many contributors to the blog and followers on the FB page are great about promoting each others’ posts, not only those on EHFA, but those appearing elsewhere. The FB page is a great place to discover new book releases and giveaways, too.


There is still time to sign up for my Giveaway.of a signed paperback copy of For King and Country. Comment on the Giveaway Announcement post  or on my Facebook page.

  1. Anna Belfrage Avatar

    What a great idea! Have OF COURSE tweeted.

    1. Char Avatar

      Why thank you! I won’t include such a long intro next time, just get to the meat!

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