Giveaway – Coming May 2 – For King and Country

Print proofs have arrived!
There are only a few events in life that are more awesome than seeing your book in print. I could rattle off a number and let you add a dozen of your own. But holding a copy of the book you have spent hours researching, writing, revising, editing, editing, editing, and proofing & more proofing has to be pretty high on the ‘awesome’ list for most writers. (Did I mention editing? And proofing?)

You cannot order your copy yet – these are the print proofs that must go through another round of proofing. I am working on the ebook now – proofing and fixing formatting issues – and 3 readers have received that version as ARCs (advanced review copies).

For King and Country
will be available on May 2 on Amazon

Comment for the Giveaway
To get things rolling, I am  offering a signed paperback copy. Comment here or on my Facebook page for your chance to receive a copy. Entries remain open until midnight CT on April 30, 2016. Comment and provide your email, best in the form of jedimaster [at] rebel alliance [dot] com. The winner will be chosen at random. GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED, AND THE WINNER NOTIFIED. THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED HERE AND ON MY FB PAGE.

Watch for other promotions here. I’ll be doing a Kindle Countdown Deal for Men of the Cross in mid-April. You might want to read it before delving into For King and Country. Both books can be read as stand-alones, but the additional background of Men will provide a richer experience. And during the summer I will have a giveaway on Goodreads.

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