Coming soon! Battle Scars Book II: For King and Country

I am waiting on the full cover from the cover designer for For King and CountryWith that in hand, I can order print proofs to share with some first readers, not only for their impressions of the novel, but also to have a few more pairs of eyes looking for those obnoxious typos. I have started formatting the ebook, too. Three wonderful people will get that ARC (advance review/reader copy) version – I didn’t even have to twist their arms!  I don’t have a firm release date yet, but Book II will probably be out by then end of April. Stay tuned.

While they read, I need to prepare a few related historical posts about England in the tumultuous time period of 1193 – 1194. I have to figure out the Kindle Countdown deal, think about setting up a giveaway, a mailing list, and marketing, marketing, marketing. And somewhere in there, I need to get into my research for Book III!

While you patiently wait for the publication date, let me tease you with another short excerpt from Book II:

Robin watched his father work from the open door of the shop. Sunlight bled in through the windows. A cross-draft rustled William Carpenter’s hair, revealing streaks of gray where it had once been brown and gold, like Robin’s. Their mouths had the same rosebud curl. Bruises purpled his huge hands, hands that reminded Robin of the intricate designs his father carved, like the wooden horse he had treasured as a child. William’s muscles twitched as he planed a wooden chest and then brushed wood dust to the floor.

Robin cleared his throat. “Sir?”

William’s head shot up. He eyeballed his son and hastily returned to his handiwork. “I heard you were alive.”

“Word travels fast.” Robin knew better than to smile. His father might have his eyes on the chest, but he would sense Robin’s attitude.

“Apparently not from wherever you have been these last twelve years.”

  1. Stephen L. Shiner, MD Avatar
    Stephen L. Shiner, MD

    Book 1 was great, cannot wait for book Ii: for King and country. Please let me know when it is available!

    1. Char Avatar

      Thank you, Stephen! It’s always great to hear when a reader enjoyed Men of the Cross. For King and Country will be available on May 2.

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