Loyalty & love…


Spies & intrigue…

A knight sworn to keep a family secret.

A king who seeks revenge.

A daring plan to save one life…or condemn many.


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Before the Crusades…

Before Lionheart was king…

Nine year old Allan-a-Dale is living on the streets of London.

Life hasn’t always been easy, but Allan takes it all in stride. He is a street-smart kid, wise beyond his years. He does what needs to be done to get by. He’s a thief… a thief with a good heart.


If Medieval isn’t your thing,
get your Science Fiction fix –
Let Char take you to other worlds

1st Place

CYGNUS Book Awards
Chanticleer International

“…desperate betrayals, extraordinary acts of heroism and a beautifully tender love story.”

Gold Medal
Book of the Year
Coffee Pot Book Club

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

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