About Char

Charlene Newcomb. Char. That’s me.

Welcome to my worlds.

Librarian (retired).
U.S. Navy veteran.
Mom to 3 grown, amazing people.
I lived in Kansas until 2022. Yes, Toto. Kansas.

Born & raised in South Carolina, I wanted a life of adventure and travel. I realized that dreams of hitting the big time with my all-girl rock band Liberation were just that – dreams. And becoming an astronaut wasn’t in the cards. So I joined the Navy to see the world and spent six years as a communications technician/voice language analyst. I fit college into my life (BA in History, and many years later an MA in Library Science).

That desire to travel in space translated into writing science fiction: I published 10 short stories in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, many featuring a Rebel underground freedom fighter named Alex Winger. I have published 6 novels. I delved into my sci fi roots with resistance operative Jack Gamble in Echoes of the Storm (July 2020), and published one contemporary family saga, Keeping the Family Peace (in 2012). But medieval historical fiction captured me: my Battle Scars series includes:  Men of the Cross, For King and Country, and Swords of the King, set in the 12th century and featuring gay protagonists. My latest release is Rogue (Tales of Robin Hood), published in 2023. 

Travel remains a passion, with only time & money standing in the way. I enjoy quiet places in the mountains or on rocky coasts. But no matter where I am, I can let my imagination soar.