English Historical Fiction Authors weekly round-up – #EHFA

This week on #EHFA: a 17th century actress, Gibraltar, English Puritanism, Cromwell & more.

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity: the building of Gibraltar’s Protestant church by Jacqueline Reiter

The “great shaft of Cornehill” and the Origins of English Puritanism by Mark Patton

Order! Order! – Cromwell loses it, and dissolves Parliament by Deborah Swift

Mistress of More Variety: Actress Susanna Verbruggen by Margaret Porter

A Whiff of Swedish Sin by Anna Belfrage

From the Archives –

London’s Lost Jewels: Wealth and Display in the 16th and 17th Centuries by Mark Patton

“Stone walls do not a prison make”: The Infamous Westminster Gate-House by Nancy Bilyeau

Pinkie and Blue Boy ~ A Matched Set? by Debra Brown

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