With friends like these…

I’ve been blessed with, not one, but two cool groups of fandom friends. My Star Wars group goes back to AOL chat rooms in 1994. I’m missing 2 of their gatherings this year: one was at Origins in May, the other at Celebration VI in Orlando in August. (I love you guys, but Orlando in August – again?! I will admit that I’ll miss working the craziness of the convention and hanging out.)

Fortunately, I did get my in-person fandom fix in June. A Midwest group of Robin Hood (BBC) cronies decided to gather in Fort Worth, Texas for a meet-up. We’ve known each other for 3 years online, and I’d actually met 1 of the ladies in London in 2010! We sat around MST3K-like and watched 11 episodes of Robin Hood (RH); we talked non-stop about our families, our writing, and life. It was a wonderfully fun 2+ days. Huge thanks to Jen, who opened her home to us.

After the RH gang said its goodbyes, I drove over to Richardson to hang out with former co-worker Angela. We went to a Texas Rangers game – I saw their star pitcher, Yu Darvish; saw them lose, but apparently they are still number 1 in the American League West. We also visited the Dallas Arboretum, which currently has a Chihuly exhibit.

Life is so full with friends like these.  I hope you are equally blessed. Do you participate in any online fandoms? Have you met any of your virtual friends?

  1. Marie Loughin Avatar

    Sounds like a great trip. The street signs are perfect!

  2. jadey Avatar

    Glad you got your in-person fandom fix this year, and thanks for sharing it on LJ.

    I’ve been hanging out in the RH fandom since 2008 and have met up with a few of my virtual friends since that time. In 2009, I went to a RH convention in Blackpool, where not only did I get to meet a whole bunch of lovely Armstrong Angels, but also got to meet Jonas Armstrong himself! Since then, I’ve met RH lovers at smaller meet-ups, and this year I’ve found not only a lovely beta reader, but also someone who’s become a very good friend (we live a couple of hours from each other). Earlier this year, we went to Nottingham and Sherwood Forest together (my first time). We watched RH dvds in our B&B room and generally had a wonderful time together talking about everything RH and a lot more besides, with no husbands around to roll their eyes and sigh loudly.

    So, with regard to your “Life is so full with friends like these” , I couldn’t agree more!

    1. Char Avatar

      You’re so lucky to live so close to your beta fan/friend. Wish I had one a bit closer, but I’ll have to survive with email, phone and the occasional gathering in different parts of the U.S. I hope I get to meet you on my next visit across the pond. Would love to sit around & watch some RH with you & any other RHers!

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