• Friday Photos – Journey to Colorado

    Mountains! Rocky Mountains. . . Beautiful mountain lakes. . . Almost close enough to touch the sky. . . Take the cog railroad to the top of Pike’s Peak at 14,114 feet. There are 54 mountains in Colorado with elevations above 14,000 feet. They are called the 14ers. The incredible Garden of the Gods. . […]

  • Friday Photos – Journey to St. Ives

    Writing and reading historical fiction is like travel. Fiction transports you to another place, and in the case of the historical, to another time. Vacations to a town just down the road or to a country thousands of miles away do the same thing. I wanted to see Cornwall from the moment I first read […]

  • Writing Medieval Lincoln -Lincoln Cathedral

    I am standing at the top of the observatory tower of Lincoln Castle eyeing the streets of Lincoln and the magnificent Cathedral. What a fine setting for a novel, don’t you think? Yes, so did I, which is how Sir Stephan l’Aigle ends up in Lincoln in 1193 in For King and Country. But, the […]

  • GRL Retreat in Kansas City

    Broadening my horizons, stretching my wings. GRL is the Gay Romance Literature Retreat. According to their website, GRL is “for people who create and celebrate LGBT romance.” My Battle Scars series is historical fiction with a gay romance – it made me smile when I signed up to be a Supporting Author and organizer Teresa […]

  • My visit to Nottingham Castle

    As part of my travels in September, I was able to return to Nottingham for a half day adventure to  explore the Castle. I set several scenes of For King and Country there, so you can imagine how exciting it was for me to have an opportunity to see it from the perspective of someone with research interests […]

  • my humble abode in York…

    I’ll be staying at St. Anne’s College at Oxford soon. It will be fun to compare accommodations from my stay in York 5 years ago. The dorm room. Does anyone ever think of a dorm room as intimate…

  • Coming down slowly from the Rocky Mountain highs

    I’ve been through the cities and the townsbut there’s nothing like feeling smallwhen I’m looking down…”–Arbitrary Sky I am attempting to adjust to real life by listening to music and enjoying my vacation pictures. Come along for the ride…

  • Colorado, here we come

    In a few days, hundreds of historical novelists and readers of historical fiction will descend on Denver. I’ll be there learning the art of combat with a broadsword – a morning workshop with David Blixt, best-selling novelist, weapons expert, and finalist for the M.M. Bennett Historical Fiction Award. What a great opportunity to feel that […]

  • Vacation pictures & writing update

    Writing update:As I mentioned last week, For King and Country is in editors’ hands. I didn’t write one word – not one! However, I did have the opportunity to read Chapter 1 to three librarian friends at the conference (NASIG) I attended. I left them wanting more. MWAHAHAHA!! It’s been a nice break from writing […]