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Weekly highlights of things I’ve been reading.

Fun Stuff

@mmloughin Invasion of the Cosplayers:
Geek fun with Marie at the summer night market

@clubjade Random House posts Scoundrels blurb:
Timothy Zahn, my favorite Star Wars author, will give us a tale of Han, Chewbacca, & Lando. Can’t wait until December!!

On Writing

@christinenolfi: Writing Your Debut Novel? Find Your Tribe.
Write ’til it’s done, find others who can empathize & comment, polish & more

The 5 Best Pieces Of Writing Advice:  by @Mooderino
Characters, their actions/reactions, write, rewrite, and the coolest quote

Indie Authors And Amazon Removing Reviews  via @ReneePawlish
When reviews often drive sales, this news is disconcerting!

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: Bad Reviews—Six Reasons to Be Glad You Have Them
Bring ’em on! Oh – guess I need to get the book out there first. 🙂

Linking Survey Insights to One Author’s Writing Plans via Historical Tapestry by Mary Tod
Mary’s survey points to some interesting findings. Now tell me, how do I fit Goodreads into my limited time? And women are huge readers of  historical fiction but they don’t like violence. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the romance in my Crusader knights novella will draw them in.

What’s in your feed reader?

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    Thanks, Char.I can’t believe you get to read so much and still write so well! I think readers will really enjoy your Crusaders. I do!

    1. Char Avatar

      Cathy, I try to give myself close to an hour a day to read blog posts or links from twitter. I usually do it when I’m just too tired to write or work on revisions. The problem still remains – I don’t tend to comment on the things I read very often. People will often follow a link to a commenter’s profile or blog and I bet that builds readership. That will be my goal in the future – more commenting!

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