• Echoes is a winner!

    I am honored that Echoes of the Storm has received the Gold Medal in The Coffee Pot Book Club’s Book of the Year for Fantasy. Author/editor Mary Anne Yarde, founder of the site, is well known in historical fiction circles. When she opened her review submissions to science fiction/fantasy, I jumped on it. I was […]

  • talking about the book… The Greatest Knight

    The Greatest Knightby Elizabeth Chadwick A tidbit about the authorElizabeth participates in the medieval reenactment group Regia Anglorum, who explore the life and times of people of Britain from the Viking Days through the times of Richard the Lionheart. The scene that made you laugh out loud or cheerThe young Prince Henry ‘borrows’ William Marshal’s […]

  • Thursday’s Walk on the blog side…

    Where shall we wander this week? With last weekend’s wedding and craziness at work, I could use an ale. Join me in Nottingham!  I spent 3 weeks in Nottingham a couple of years ago. Had a few ales and a couple of meals at the Trip. (I highly recommend their sausage & mash.) Robin Hood […]