Echoes is a winner!

I am honored that Echoes of the Storm has received the Gold Medal in The Coffee Pot Book Club’s Book of the Year for Fantasy. Author/editor Mary Anne Yarde, founder of the site, is well known in historical fiction circles. When she opened her review submissions to science fiction/fantasy, I jumped on it.

I was even more thrilled with Mary Anne’s out-of-this-world review last July. To have placed in the finals for her Book of the Year award just sent me reeling.

From a desperate flight to a battle that will decide who is the better man, Echoes of the Storm by Charlene Newcomb is the unforgettable story of Jack Gamble and his resistance friends.

With a realistic science fiction backdrop and a narrative that entices, enchants and enthrals, Echoes of the Storm has an awful lot to recommend it. There is an authenticity to the atmospheric backdrop, and a realism in the characters that one meets on this journey that Jack Gamble finds himself on. 

Coffee Pot Book Club review

Thank you, Mary Anne.


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