• Betrayal comes in many forms… and on many blogs

    I recently stopped by Alison Morton’s blog to talk about the big or little events or moments that might inspire a writer. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know a couple of scenes in a television show set off my curiosity about Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade. That led to […]

  • Best night of the week – writers group

    Thursdays are special. My writing friends take me to their worlds. We might spend time with a bounty hunter in Las Vegas or look over the shoulder of a small town Kansas cop. We are in the future – a bleak one – in the Pacific Northwest. We relive the turbulent ’60s in the South. Or […]

  • Thursday Walks…

    Most of us are still struggling to get through cold, snow, and flooding rains washing away roads (a nod to my friend Jaime in Kentucky – stay safe). So let’s walk through the flowers in this garden near Palm Springs, California, and dream of spring and warmer weather. BLOG HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK This will […]

  • Capturing those moments…

    Song lyrics. Wow. I admire individuals who can capture an image or a moment in time in the lyrics of a song. We novel writers are warned to watch verbosity, watch the flowery prose and, as my writers group reminds me at least a few times a year, watch the cliches. Can we say it […]

  • Thursday’s walk…

    All right. How did Thursday slip up on me so quickly? Do you have weeks where you think Monday came too early and stayed too long? Then all of a sudden, it’s almost Friday! That seems to happen to me all the time. So where shall we walk this week? Hm… how about Edinburgh? It’s […]

  • finding the creative juices

    A post from Warrior Muse about Teaser Tuesdays reminded me of memes that always pop up on Facebook: ProfHacker mentioned a similar strategy, using this as an exercise to get your own creative juices going when you are struggling to write. So, here goes…   (2 sentences even!) “The postulant was given a ceremonial bath, after […]

  • on inspiration…

    Palm trees. Oaks dripping with Spanish moss. The Lady & Sons. Fried green tomatoes. Shelley’s cooking. Southern hospitality. I just returned from a short vacation in Savannah, Georgia. I would love to have stayed there to soak in the atmosphere. Be inspired by the look and feel of the place. It’s a perfect place for […]