Thursday Walks…

Most of us are still struggling to get through cold, snow, and flooding rains washing away roads (a nod to my friend Jaime in Kentucky – stay safe). So let’s walk through the flowers in this garden near Palm Springs, California, and dream of spring and warmer weather.


This will be a quickie post as I am still buried in the hell of Word .docs and CreateSpace formatting.

Read the latest tale of whimsy with Raji Singh’s magical characters… hear Efraim’s tall tales this week.

I have bookmarked this to re-read when I begin revisions on my crusades novel: from Janice Hardy, Time Marches On: Dealing With the Passage of Time Between Scenes.

Jody Hedlund writes about The BIG Question: What Should Fiction Writers Blog About?

And Catherine Hedge writes about a very inspirational writer/writing teacher Because I Have Something to Say.

What do YOU have to say?

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    Thank you, Char! Efraim is one of Raji’s wildest characters…and that’s saying something!

  2. Cynthia Tussey Harris Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the Janice Hardy link. It is a good article.

    1. Char Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed that one. She has many great posts on her site.

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