Starting the new year with a great review

Candlelight Reading reviewed all twelve stories in Betrayal, but it was extra special for me to read these words about my Stephan l’Aigle story, “A Knight’s Tale.”

Jamie, The Whispering Bookworm, had interview questions for each of our authors about the eras we write, observations on researching and writing historical fiction, and how the anthology came about.

On December 4, I mentioned our authors’ trek across many blogs, but we were hardly don. Helen Hollick’s Discovering Diamonds blog also includes:

Helen’s “Story Inspired by a Song” series featured several Betrayal authors:

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    Oh, this was great! The story seemed tight tight tight! Congratulations, Char. What a nice New Year’s present!

    1. Char Avatar

      Thank you, Cathy! It truly was a nice gift!

  2. cav12 Avatar

    That is fabulous, Charlene! Congratulations 🙂

    1. Char Avatar

      Thanks, Luciana! I thought so too. 🙂

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