History comes alive – this week on #EHFA – May 7


Read EHFA this week!

Medieval war and the common people.
And three kings:
the early years of the Merry Monarch,
the king who returns to England to secure his kingdom,
and the king who is crowned without the usual celebrations.

The Doubtful Triumph of James VI and I, May 7th 1603
By Mark Patton

The Battle before the Battle
by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Richard the Lionheart and the Siege of Nottingham, 1194
by Charlene Newcomb

Charles Stuart, Prince of Wales
By Cryssa Bazos

And from the EHFA Archives

Godiva: Her Literary Legend
by Octavia Randolph

19th Century Artist in London Residence James McNeil Whistler and visiting friends from across the water
by Michelle Shine

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