• Kindle Countdown Deal – Men of the Cross

      Just a friendly reminder that Men of the Cross is on sale all this week for Kindle (Amazon US & UK). The sale will end on Sunday, so now is your chance to indulge yourself and curl up with a book that Professor Andrew Latham, author of The Holy Lance, calls “a vivid picture of […]

  • History comes alive – this week on #EHFA – May 7

    Read EHFA this week! Medieval war and the common people.And three kings:the early years of the Merry Monarch,the king who returns to England to secure his kingdom,and the king who is crowned without the usual celebrations. The Doubtful Triumph of James VI and I, May 7th 1603By Mark Patton The Battle before the Battleby Barbara Gaskell Denvil Richard […]

  • Feeling war through a character’s eyes

    Let me take you to Outremer with the knights of Richard the Lionheart… The term PTSD  – post-traumatic stress syndrome – was given its name in the 1970s during the Vietnam conflict. Shakespeare has a scene in Henry IV, Part 2¹ (written in 1597) that describes it, though generations have ignored or glossed over it for […]