Historical Nottingham, York, and more – blog trotting adventures

“A breathtaking gallop through Richard the Lionheart’s England.”
–Sharon Bennett Connolly on The Review blog

The knights have returned from the crusade to the Holy Land in For King and Country and face enemies at home that will take them from Lincolnshire to York to Nottingham, climaxing with the siege of Nottingham in 1194. Writing about these places required a lot of research. A writer always wants to transport the reader back in time (and preferably get it right!), but there is always a danger of overwhelming the reader with too much information.

Blog Trotting

In my blog trotting this week, I get to tell you about some of my research discoveries. I hope you will stop by to check out these posts:

“Richard the Lionheart and the Siege of Nottingham, 1194” on English Historical Fiction Authors 


“What Char Newcomb learnt while writing Battle Scars I & II”  on Matthew Harffy’s Bernicia Chronicles.

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