Did I mention Robin Hood?

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How many different versions of the Robin Hood legend do you know? How many movies, television shows, and books have been produced or written about Robin and his band of “merry men” or “outlaws?” Have you read any of the recent tales such as Angus Donald’s Outlaw Chronicles or Steven McKay’s Wolf’s Head?  What are your favorites?

Battle Scars I: Men of the Cross introduces my version of the origins of Robin Hood. I am not the first writer to place Robin in the Holy Land during the Third Crusade. My Robin is the knight Sir Robin du Louviers (aka Robert Carpenter). He has been a close confidant of Richard the Lionheart for nine years when he is first introduced in the story. You’ll learn of his ties to Greyton – Sir Henry’s home in Lincolnshire – and about the woman he left behind.

It wasn’t an easy decision to take the “Robin Hood-like” character I had created and turn him into the Robin of legend. I suppose I am a bit worried that readers familiar with the original will balk: “Robin isn’t from Lincolnshire!” Give me a chance to explain! True, you will have to wait because you won’t learn the full story of Robin’s background until Book 2. My British beta reader has not had a problem with my version of the legend, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

Men of the Cross also features 2 other characters made famous by the legend. And Book 2, For King and Country, will round out the cast. I don’t want to spoil your fun – you will have to read Battle Scars for yourself.

Revisions progress
Marie is making her way through the manuscript and providing some editorial comments. I’m hoping my revisions will be wrapped up by the end of the month. I’ve converted my .doc file using a CreateSpace template for Amazon print, which supposedly can be pushed  direct to Kindle for the e-book. I hope to have a print proof in hand in early April. The Nook version may take a bit longer to figure out.

My map artist sent me 1 of the 2 maps I’d requested. It looks great. I’ve asked for a couple of minor tweaks and expect to see that revision this week. The maps will be a great addition to the book.

Towards the end of the month I’ll be showing off the fabulous book cover!


  1. Sara Thorn Avatar

    Interesting! I suppose I’ve been mostly influenced by Ivanhoe… Also like the Jennifer Roberson novel.

    1. Char Avatar

      I read snippets of Ivanhoe ages and ages ago – long before I was doing any writing. I should go back and take a closer look now that I’m creating my own Robin Hood. And I hadn’t heard of Roberson. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll put that on the ever-growing pile of materials I want (or need) to read. 🙂

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