Thursday’s walk…

All right. How did Thursday slip up on me so quickly? Do you have weeks where you think Monday came too early and stayed too long? Then all of a sudden, it’s almost Friday! That seems to happen to me all the time.

So where shall we walk this week? Hm… how about Edinburgh? It’s one of my favorite cities.

JK Rowling's inspiration?

view of Edinburgh Castle from The Elephant House

Have a latte or a cup of cream tea and sit back. Take a look out the window at a sight that had to have inspired JK Rowling as she plotted out her tales of Harry Potter. I worked on Keeping the Family Peace whilst sitting here in 2010. When you aren’t staring outside, take a look at these great blog posts I stumbled across this last week:

Do semi-colons make you shudder? Ask an Editor with Theresa Stevens – Overcome Your Fear of the Semi-Colon

How about a whimsical short story to bring a smile to your face? Is Raji Singh pulling our legs? Charles Darwin’s Victorian Romance 

Did you check out the newest words added to the Oxford Dictionary? Tweeps, lolz, and inbox. Inbox? Really? Wow, that’s been around for years. See all the ‘new’ words at

Another lovely short story to bring some warmth to your heart: Eternal Writing, A Children’s Story by Catherine Hedge at Pen In Hand

“Let your voice and your style be your brand.” Chuck Wendig has many wise words: “How Do I Write What The Audience Wants To Read?”

What have you read this week?

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s walk…

    • Actually, some of them should have gone away! And thanks for the photo compliment. That one came out just right. I loved the Elephant House. I loved Edinburgh. Need to get back there.

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