Castles rock

Castle bagging. My friend in Scotland taught me that phrase last year. Sounds much more intriguing than castle visiting, doesn’t it?

I have always been fascinated by castles. And now, I can call myself a castle bagger. Woo-hoo!

I visited America’s largest ‘castle’ when I was kid. It’s not really a castle so I suppose that doesn’t count but I thought I’d mention it anyway. It’s Biltmore House,  a chateau-style mansion in Asheville, North Carolina. Definitely a must-see-worth-the-cost kind of place.

Biltmore is wonderful but it doesn’t stir my emotions like the castles I visited, er bagged, in the United Kingdom. When I was  kid, castles meant knights and damsels in distress. Princesses, kings & queens – the flamboyance and romanticism of royalty. As my love of history grew, I saw them in a different light. I can’t help but think of the people who built them, who lived in them, and defended them. I can stand on the battlements and imagine a knight on horseback thundering down the road, dust kicked up in his wake. An army approaching. A carriage. Or a wagon laden with goods. How cool is it that some of these magnificent places were built hundreds of years before Europeans settled North America?

I hope you enjoy my pictures. I took these on 2 different trips to the UK and I wanted to stroll down memory lane because I couldn’t add to my bagging this year. Have you been to any of these castles? What other castles should I put on my “must-see” list?

  1. Marie Loughin Avatar

    What about the one that the Disney castle is supposed to be patterned after? I’d like to see that, but can never remember which one it is.

    1. Char Avatar

      We saw this one in Scotland, but I think you’re talking about one in Germany – and heck if I remember (or can pronounce) the name/location but here it is:

  2. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    Oooh…I want to be a bagger, too! Meanwhilst…I’ll just build them out of Legos!

    1. Char Avatar

      Legos are slightly cheaper than traveling to see castles. You & your grandson can build them, then maybe one day you can take him to see the real thing! 🙂

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