I didn’t know I was going to York…


Last year, yes. This year? The Visit York tourist information database must have a bit of a glitch in it. I did a double-take when their email popped into my inbox yesterday. It thanked me for booking at the “Judges Lodgings Hotel on 20 Aug 2011 in York” – great hotel, fantastic location, by the way. It’s about 2 blocks from York Minster. I highly recommend it. I’d love to go back. “Let us help you prepare for your trip to York! Check out our Plan my visit pages and start planning your perfect holiday now.”

Oh so enticing…

Next year. That’s the plan. My $$ are already spoken for this year. The 12 year old vehicle went to the great car junkyard in the sky. I gave into my desire to own a blue SUV with a moonroof. Hands-free bluetooth – oh yeah! Then there’s this little matter of a wedding later this year. My daughter has chosen wisely. 🙂

So Visit York tourist board, thank you for offering to help. I might take you up on that next year.

What travel plans do you have for this year or next? Have you been to Nashville? I’m headed there this summer for a work-related conference. What, besides the Grand Ole Opry, must I plan to see?  Cheers!


“Blogging isn’t a chore, it is a demo tape of our artist voice. It is a free performance at a local mall.” via Kristen Lamb’s super inspirational posts.

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    It is a lovely new vehicle…but, Oh the Temptation!

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