Let’s get started…

Haven’t even published the novel yet and here I am starting a blog specific to my adventures in fiction. I guess I’d started thinking about this as I crept toward the climax of my novel. That may have been about the time WordPress suggested I should buy the domain that I’d used for blogging since 2006. But I didn’t want to buy that domain. I wanted this one! I’m attached to the name. My parents gave it to me, and I chose to use it for all my published fiction to date. But I won’t be using it on my first novel. Let me introduce Kate St. Ives, my new nom de plume. But…but…why???? Keeping the Family Peace plunges me into a completely different genre, call it general fiction or mainstream drama. I’ve looked at other writers’ websites to see how they’ve handled their split personalities. Using a different pen name when writing in multiple genres isn’t uncommon. Granted, I don’t have a string of stories in general fiction (yet), nor have I done more than a sketchy outline for the historical fiction I’ll be writing. But, my plan is to be more prolific–and write faster–in the coming years. Using different names just makes sense. When you see by Charlene Newcomb in the future, you’ll know the story has elements of science fiction. Now about my plans for this site: it seems a bit odd to presume you’ll stop by and listen to me describe the process of writing, editing, revising, beta’ing, revising, editing, and production work involved in getting published. I won’t keep you long because I’m not usually one for long, drawn out posts. I hope to entertain and educate–or at least have you hear the good, bad, and ugly as I experience these things myself. I’ll toss in other posts along the way. Watch for a variety of topics including my research antics for the historical fiction I’ll be writing, revisions to a sci fi novel that’s been sitting on my hard drive far too long, using social media, my travels, and occasional thoughts on posts I read in the blogosphere. I hope to build relationships with other writers, have a guest blogger now & then, and exchange ideas with readers and writers. Join me on this journey! It’s a new blog. A new pen name. A new day?

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