• talking about the book… The Greatest Knight

    The Greatest Knightby Elizabeth Chadwick A tidbit about the authorElizabeth participates in the medieval reenactment group Regia Anglorum, who explore the life and times of people of Britain from the Viking Days through the times of Richard the Lionheart. The scene that made you laugh out loud or cheerThe young Prince Henry ‘borrows’ William Marshal’s […]

  • talking about the book… Tales of the Fiction House

    TALES OF THE FICTION HOUSEby Raji Singh A tidbit about the author: Raji has a brilliant imagination. Kids from from 3 to 90 will get whisked away into the worlds he creates and may not want to come back to reality. Discover this yourself as you follow the adventures of his colorful characters in his […]

  • All we want is Family Peace

    All we want is Family Peace

    Huge announcement! Keeping the Family Peaceis now available at Amazon! I really hate the hard sell, so I won’t beat you over the head with it. It’s there. It was a lot of work, a fantastic journey with many friends – including my Thursday night writers group – encouraging me along the way. I’d love to […]

  • Coffee mugs & Family Peace teaser #5

    My kids* and friends who visit open my cabinets and gawk. Wow. Lots of coffee mugs. I like to have a souvenir from places I visit, so why not something useful? Mugs can be so much more than containers for coffee and tea. They are great for ice cream – hold the handle and your […]

  • Keeping the Family Peace – teaser #4

    Final revisions are humming along & truly, the end is near! Here’s another snippet from the novel. It’s Christmas time, 1995. Jack is the patriarch of the family Peace. Holidays are usually celebrated with the whole family, but not this year… ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Jack wondered if quiet holidays would be the new […]

  • Cover reveal for: Keeping the Family Peace

    Ladies & gentlemen, the time draws near! I’m working on the final revisions of my mainstream family drama novel, Keeping the Family Peace. Its initial release will be on  Amazon in December. Keep your eyes on my rambling here for that announcement. But today, I give you the book cover, created by Travis Pennington at […]

  • The book blurb

    How do you distill a 93,000 word manuscript down to 2 paragraphs? While my novel is off in beta hands, I’ve been writing, editing, scrapping, and re-writing my book blurb, or as it’s called on Amazon, the “product description”. That’s not very romantic, is it? If I was buying a blender or a new laptop, […]

  • trim it, cut it, lather, rinse, repeat…

    No, I didn’t get a haircut. I’m attempting to revise the 1st draft of my novel. Reading JW Manus, I’m probably not doing as much as I should to get into the joy of cutting. I must say, however, that I particularly enjoyed reading one of her descriptions of Explainery: “A trees grows and the […]

  • are you stuck in the middle?

    There is nothing more exciting than the moment when an idea invades your brain. Characters, settings, and scenes for that next story appear out of nowhere, or come in dreams, or when you’re sitting at a stoplight. (Why are those people honking at me?) So what do you do? You jot down a few notes […]