• a humorous tale of pen names…

    Will they notice? It’s just one of those things. I’m certain it happens every day, right? Honestly, I checked Amazon. I searched Google for the domain name, searched the name with quotes. I searched WorldCat. I’m a librarian by day. I know how to search. Even Neil Gaiman recognizes the awesomeness of librarians. (They may […]

  • who is this kate person?

    Oh come on. Admit it! Did you ever want to be someone else? Or want to have a different name? I know I did. As a kid, I didn’t really care for my given name. It was…different. My friends had ‘normal’ names like Mary, Nancy, Susan, Debbie, Karen. I was Charlene. You can’t exactly tell […]

  • Let’s get started…

    Haven’t even published the novel yet and here I am starting a blog specific to my adventures in fiction. I guess I’d started thinking about this as I crept toward the climax of my novel. That may have been about the time WordPress suggested I should buy the domain that I’d used for blogging since […]