• Rocky Mountain highs amidst the Historical Novel Society Conference

    What a way to begin my first HNS conference – a 3 hour broadsword workshop with writer/actor/swordsman David Blixt and his associate Brandon St. Clair Saunders. These two gentlemen were superb swordsmen and were incredibly patient with some of us who were a bit uncoordinated, i.e., me! Sparks flew. (Yeah, right.) We had a blast. […]

  • Reading non-fiction for my fiction…

    It was great to read Patricia Bracewell’s articles on early Roman roads in England on English Historical Fiction Authors (EHFA) – very timely given that in the upcoming sequel to Men of the Cross, Henry de Grey’s fictional manor lies about one mile west of Ermine Street in Lincolnshire. It was also heartening to see […]

  • talking about the book: Shadow on the Crown

    Title: Shadow on the CrownAuthor: Patricia Bracewell A tidbit about the authorShe’s a California girl who majored in English literature in college and taught high school – bless her!  She notes that teaching is “the most challenging and rewarding careers that anyone could have.” The storyThe year is 1002. Emma of Normandy, who many will know […]

  • what are you reading meme…

    Sit back.Enjoy a cup of tea.And read… Open up the book you are currently reading. Go to chapter 9 (because it’s September, the 9th month) and write down the first and last sentences of the opening paragraph. Tell us the book title and the author. No chapter 9? Pick a random paragraph in the book! […]