• Michaelmas in Medieval Britain

    Happy Michaelmas Day! Last year I participated in a blog hop to celebrate the release of volume 2 of Castles, Customs and Kings: True Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors, edited by Debra Brown and Sue Millard. Participating blogs in this hop chose a custom or tradition from the past to highlight. Michaelmas in Medieval BritainThe […]

  • Goodreads Giveaway – For King and Country

    This giveaway ends in 2 days! Sign up now. Enter to win one of 3 signed copies! This Giveaway will run June 6 – July 5. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

  • The #EHFA weekly for May 14

    We have quite the smorgasbord on English Historical Fiction Authors (EHFA) this week – Adventure Seekers – Women Explorers of the Victorian EraBy Lizzy Drake Historical re-enacting: where fun and history meetby Jacqueline Reiter The Herbal in England: A Brief Historyby Margaret Porter Commodore John Barry – Father of the United States Navyby Arthur Russell […]

  • #EHFA weekly round-up for April 30

    Meet a young man named Prince John and follow on his “adventures” in Ireland. Travel further back to Anglo-Saxon England to a time of thegn, ealdorman, and gesith. Watch the Howard family’s rise to power in Tudor England. Take a peek inside the medieval apothecary. Meet not one, but two formidable women, and more. This week on English […]

  • Agincourt 600

    A fascinating look at the history leading up to the Battle of Agincourt on October 25, 1415… “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;For he to-day that sheds his blood with meShall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,This day shall gentle his condition;And gentlemen in England now-a-bedShall think themselves accurs’d they […]

  • An excerpt from For King and Country

    Title: For King and Country (Battle Scars II) Beta readers have given me 2 thumbs up. I’ve revised the manuscript and addressed their comments – nothing earth-shattering, thank goodness – fixed typos they spotted. I have a few “last checks” and then I’ll turn the whole 141,000+ words to my editors. In the meantime, I hope you […]

  • Reading non-fiction for my fiction…

    It was great to read Patricia Bracewell’s articles on early Roman roads in England on English Historical Fiction Authors (EHFA) – very timely given that in the upcoming sequel to Men of the Cross, Henry de Grey’s fictional manor lies about one mile west of Ermine Street in Lincolnshire. It was also heartening to see […]