what are you reading meme…

Sit back.
Enjoy a cup of tea.
And read…

Open up the book you are currently reading. Go to chapter 9 (because it’s September, the 9th month) and write down the first and last sentences of the opening paragraph. Tell us the book title and the author. No chapter 9? Pick a random paragraph in the book!

April 1002
Canterbury, Kent
On Easter Sunday, Æthelred of England took his Norman bride to wife, and he watched with hundreds of others as a circlet of gold was placed upon her head and she was named England’s queen… Æthelred looked about him and was not entirely pleased with the situation in which he found himself.
Shadow on the Crown by Patricia Bracewell

Æthelred has no clue what this arranged marriage will mean! This is a great book, a real page-turner.

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