• For King and Country – Editor’s Choice at the Historical Novel Society

    Gotta love 3 day weekends. One more day to get the usual chores done, and of course, spend a few more hours working on Book III of my Battle Scars series.  My habit on writing weekends is to stay away from the Internet for the morning except to post the English Historical Fiction Authors weekly round […]

  • Rocky Mountain highs amidst the Historical Novel Society Conference

    What a way to begin my first HNS conference – a 3 hour broadsword workshop with writer/actor/swordsman David Blixt and his associate Brandon St. Clair Saunders. These two gentlemen were superb swordsmen and were incredibly patient with some of us who were a bit uncoordinated, i.e., me! Sparks flew. (Yeah, right.) We had a blast. […]

  • Colorado, here we come

    In a few days, hundreds of historical novelists and readers of historical fiction will descend on Denver. I’ll be there learning the art of combat with a broadsword – a morning workshop with David Blixt, best-selling novelist, weapons expert, and finalist for the M.M. Bennett Historical Fiction Award. What a great opportunity to feel that […]