• My visit to Nottingham Castle

    As part of my travels in September, I was able to return to Nottingham for a half day adventure to  explore the Castle. I set several scenes of For King and Country there, so you can imagine how exciting it was for me to have an opportunity to see it from the perspective of someone with research interests […]

  • Talking about the book: The Fifth Knight by E.M. Powell

    Title: The Fifth KnightAuthor: E.M. Powell A tidbit about the authorE.M. is from Ireland, but currently lives in northwest England. Her debut novel, The Fifth Knight, was an Amazon #1 bestseller. She has family ties to Michael Collins, founder of the Irish Free State. Her agent calls her books “car chases with chainmail.”  Check out […]

  • Interview with author E.M. Powell

    E.M. Powell’s novels have been described as “car chases with chainmail.” With that tagline, you know you’ll be in for a wild ride. I am delighted to welcome E.M. to my blog today. She writes historical fiction with a mystery/thriller twist. Her current series is set in 12th century England. E.M., congratulations on the upcoming release of The […]

  • Fifty shades of…12th century England

    Forgive the “fifty shades” reference. I almost called this “fifty shades of de Grey” – de Grey being the surname of main character Sir Henry in Men of the Cross, but I thought better of it. 🙂   I’ve intended this to spark interest/amazement/horror for those who aren’t so familiar with the 12th century, and I’ve […]