• Walks on the Blog Side…

    Oh look! It’s me over at Black Lilac Kitty! Thanks, Cindy, for inviting me over to meet your readers. We’re taking a very short walk through the blogosphere this week. Does my photo from Conisbrough Castle make it look like I’m locked away? Well, close. *wipes brow* I’m slaving over the final edits to my […]

  • The book blurb

    How do you distill a 93,000 word manuscript down to 2 paragraphs? While my novel is off in beta hands, I’ve been writing, editing, scrapping, and re-writing my book blurb, or as it’s called on Amazon, the “product description”. That’s not very romantic, is it? If I was buying a blender or a new laptop, […]

  • Book excerpt – tagged for #luckyseven

    Writers do interesting things to support each other while trying to sludge through the writing, revising, publishing process. Twitter is one refuge, even when you get tagged – a la hashtag – to participate in a mini-exercise. Marie Loughin included me on #luckyseven and as she notes, it’s a way for readers to get a […]