Right to Reply – the 12th Century

wordcloudAuthor Annie Whitehead invited E.M. Powell, Edward Ruadh Butler and me to “slug it out” on her blog, Casting Light upon the Shadow a few weeks ago as part of her “Right to Reply” series.

Our topic — one near and dear to each of our hearts — The 12th Century.

Annie asked us

  • Who is your ‘champion’ 12th century (non-fictional) character, and why?
  • What was the most significant event of the century, and why?
  • Which was the most decisive battle/skirmish/siege of the century, and why?
  • You’re going into battle – which would be our weapon of choice, and why?

E.M. and Edward have some convincing arguments, but maybe you will agree with me! Do check out the blog post.


men_full-sideCharlene Newcomb is currently working on Book III of Battle Scars, 12th century historical fiction filled with war, political intrigue, and a knightly romance of forbidden love set during the reign of Richard the Lionheart. There will be more to come, so sign up for Char’s Newsletter. It will be used – sparingly – to offer exclusive content and and to let you be the first to know about special offers.

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