#EHFA weekly round-up for April 30


Meet a young man named Prince John and follow on his “adventures” in Ireland. Travel further back to Anglo-Saxon England to a time of thegn, ealdorman, and gesith. Watch the Howard family’s rise to power in Tudor England. Take a peek inside the medieval apothecary. Meet not one, but two formidable women, and more. This week on English Historical Fiction Authors:

Elizabeth Milbanke Lamb, The Formidable Lady Melbourne
By Lauren Gilbert

By Toni Mount

Crests, Blood and Power – The Howards’ Rise in Tudor Times
By Lizzy Drake

Defining ‘Nobility’ in Later Anglo-Saxon England
By Annie Whitehead

John ‘Lackland’, Lord of Ireland
By E.M. Powell

The Undaunted Eliza Roper, Dowager Lady Vaux of Harrowden
by Linda Root

From the Archives

Tudor England’s Most Infamous Villain: Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich of Leez
by Beth von Staats

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