Battle Scars, book II – 7×7 book snippet

I was tagged by author Matthew Harffy in this 7×7 game and originally posted my response on Facebook, but let’s extend the joy to the rest of the universe. The authors’ instructions are to post 7 lines from the 7th page of their WIP. Then tag 7 more authors to do the same. Several authors I tagged responded with snippets from their own works-in-progress, so do visit my FB page if you have an account and  read and like their posts (from May 7).

royal bathtub

I doubt Henry’s bath looks like this, but…

Here are my 7 lines + a couple of bonus ones from the 1st chapter of Book II, Battle Scars, For King and Country:

Lord Edward de Grey burst into the room. “Henry!” The older man’s blue eyes darted from the naked buttocks greeting him to Stephan. Without a second thought he focused on his son.

Henry stepped from the tub, water pooling at his feet. Naked. Weaponless. He might well still look a child in his father’s eyes. “This isn’t how I expected to greet you, Father.”

Edward stepped back, caught his breath. The scars of war crisscrossed Henry’s body. Cuts on his upper arms, a jagged one near his wrist, another on his cheek. The darkened, disfigured spot on his upper thigh was the one that held Edward’s gaze.


Photo by Richard Croft [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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