Battle Scars, book II – 7×7 book snippet

I was tagged by author Matthew Harffy in this 7×7 game and originally posted my response on Facebook, but let’s extend the joy to the rest of the universe. The authors’ instructions are to post 7 lines from the 7th page of their WIP. Then tag 7 more authors to do the same. Several authors I tagged responded with snippets from their own works-in-progress, so do visit my FB page if you have an account and  read and like their posts (from May 7).

Here are my 7 lines + a couple of bonus ones from the 1st chapter of Book II, Battle Scars, For King and Country.

Richard Croft / The Queen's Bathroom / CC BY-SA 2.0
I doubt Henry’s bath looked like this, but…

Lord Edward de Grey burst into the room. “Henry!” The older man’s blue eyes darted from the naked buttocks greeting him to Stephan. Without a second thought he focused on his son.

Henry stepped from the tub, water pooling at his feet. Naked. Weaponless. He might well still look a child in his father’s eyes. “This isn’t how I expected to greet you, Father.”

Edward stepped back, caught his breath. The scars of war crisscrossed Henry’s body. Cuts on his upper arms, a jagged one near his wrist, another on his cheek. The darkened, disfigured spot on his upper thigh was the one that held Edward’s gaze.


Photo by Richard Croft [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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