One more step… one more word…

At times, the way ahead looks desolate, insurmountable, and foreboding.
We place one foot in front of the other
– or in the case of a writer –
we add one word after another.
We stumble.
We look at the blank page
and the page after that and wonder what words will fill them.
We look back over our shoulder and
wonder if the road ahead is worth the effort.
But we dream,
and the dreams drive us forward.
One more step.
One more word…


photo by me: ‘end of the road’ lava flow
Volcanoes Nat’l Park, Hawaii
text originally posted Jan. 2013

  1. Matthew Harffy (@MatthewHarffy) Avatar

    I know just how you feel. I am currently in the doldrums of creativity…! Soon, I am sure, the winds of imagination and dreams will blow us forward again. 🙂

    1. Char Avatar

      Hang in there, Matthew! Two books under your belt and hopefully soon to be published – that’s huge! I was having a particularly bad day on Sunday – had a chapter that just wasn’t working. When I finally figured out how to fix it, I remembered the words above that I’d written and wanted to share them again.

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