When life gets busy…

I give you pictures! Enjoy the sights along the cog railway headed up to
Pike’s Peak, Colorado. What an incredible ride.

near Pike's Peak

The kids and I took this ride up the summit
at 14,110 feet. I remember feeling a bit light-headed at the top.
Youngest son J got an awful headache – altitude sickness –
not something you want to fool with.


Once you’re past the tree line, it’s like being on another planet.
Daughter J remembers there were fantastic
cheeseburgers at the restaurant at the summit
(which she confirmed again on a recent trip).
Somehow, the only picture I took inside the
restaurant/giftshop was this:

Got oxygen?

Oldest son J may have had the video camera
going, but heck if I can find those old tapes.

Have a great week!

summit of Pike's Peak

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