Thank you, Sharon Kay Penman

2knightsI am honored that Sharon Kay Penman has included Men of the Cross on her to-be-read list and suggests it may be of interest to her readers.  She writes:

Charlene Newcomb has written a novel that I’d be interested in reading, Men of the Cross, the story of a young knight who follows the Lionheart to the Holy Land on the Third Crusade, where he finds a forbidden love and discovers the high price that battlefield glory exacts from soldiers; readers of A King’s Ransom know that I have great sympathy for the toll that PTSD has taken upon fighting men down through the ages.

Sharon’s Lionheart and A King’s Ransom will give the reader a great sense of King Richard I, rich with the politics and personalities of the late 12th century. Imagine being one of Richard’s knights, just outside his inner circle. Men of the Cross tells that side of the story and (in my humble opinion) complements Sharon’s novels.

Thank you, Sharon.

P.S. (Sharon reported on Facebook this morning (6/30) that gremlins had wiped out her post, but you can also find it at

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