• A shout-out from Sharon Kay Penman

    August slipped past and I never managed to mention that the lovely Sharon Kay Penman mentioned both For King and Country and Men of the Cross on her blog at the end of July. Sharon writes: “I think they might be of interest to my history-loving, book-loving readers and friends.” What a thrill to have my books noted by a best-selling author […]

  • Rocky Mountain highs amidst the Historical Novel Society Conference

    What a way to begin my first HNS conference – a 3 hour broadsword workshop with writer/actor/swordsman David Blixt and his associate Brandon St. Clair Saunders. These two gentlemen were superb swordsmen and were incredibly patient with some of us who were a bit uncoordinated, i.e., me! Sparks flew. (Yeah, right.) We had a blast. […]

  • talking about the book: Devil’s Brood

    Title: Devil’s Brood Author: Sharon Kay Penman A tidbit about the authorOne-time tax lawyer. An animal rights enthusiast. Supporter of gay rights. Penman is a best-selling novelist known for her meticulous research. She has written 13 books. Her first, The Sunne in Splendour, published in 1982, is a novel of Richard III (whose bones, you’ll recall, […]

  • Thank you, Sharon Kay Penman

    I am honored that Sharon Kay Penman has included Men of the Cross on her to-be-read list and suggests it may be of interest to her readers.   She writes: Charlene Newcomb has written a novel that I’d be interested in reading, Men of the Cross, the story of a young knight who follows the […]

  • of kings, of knights . . . of war . . .

    If you’ve read my book blurb, you are aware that one major theme of Men of the Cross is Sir Henry’s struggle with PTSD . . . Author Kristen Lamb writes “Your job as great superlative writers is to maim, torture, crush and kill” and “. . . to 1) generate love and affection for a […]

  • work in progress Wednesday…

    Several weeks ago I saw author Alex Beecroft use the subject “work in progress Wednesday” on her blog. I like the concept of a regular update, so I’m going to give it a go. This week, I’ll start with a meme. What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?Battle Scars I: Men […]