revisions, round 4…

Sword and Shield by angelfire7508, CC-BY

Sword and Shield
by angelfire7508
distributed under CC-BY-SA3.0

TitleBattle Scars: Men of the Cross
(book 1 of a series)
Revisions progress: round 4, 95%

Two weeks back, I reported I was at 73%. That was round 3. 🙂  I returned to page 1 and began round 4. Actually, I ignored page 1 and started with chapter 2. This was to be a quick run-through to do some final fact-checks and review lines I still wasn’t happy with. I’m in the middle of the 2nd to last chapter and may hit THE END again within the next couple of days. By this weekend, I plan to tackle the opening scene (again). “I’m done” should be on my lips by February 1. (Fingers crossed.) Critique/writing group partner Marie has offered to do a final round of red-lining.

Done? Ha! After this comes:

  • book cover design
  • blurb writing for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, my website, etc.
  • prepare an author’s note to include at the end of the book & acknowledgements for the front matter
  • last round of editing based on Marie’s comments
  • book cover reveal! (i.e., marketing)
  • insert 2 maps to accompany book
  • convert Word .doc for e-book version & review the manuscript again & again
  • manuscript preparation for print-on-demand version
  • send out a few ARCs (advanced reader copies)
  • hit the publish button
  • market the book here, there, and everywhere

When all that’s done, I’ll pull out the book 2 manuscript and:

  • start revisions
  • flesh out the plot for book 3
  • check into an insane asylum

What does 2014 look like for you?

4 thoughts on “revisions, round 4…

  1. Best of luck!

    I’m doing the agent submissions thing with book one of my series… Part of me wishes I could just be moving on to the cover design and self-publishing stage, but I’ve made the decision (perhaps stupidly) to try the traditional route first.

    • Thanks, Matthew. The key is that you’re moving ahead and getting your work out there. You may be one of the lucky ones – and more power to you! And what’s great in this new world, is that we do have options to self-publish. We want to share our stories and hope that people enjoy them. Good luck to you, too.

    • 🙂 I had to add another bullet – I forgot that I also need to include an author’s note to explain how I might have fudged on a date here or there… Getting closer.

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