Nottingham Castle

“Richard arrived at the siege of Nottingham in a black mood and his first act was to set up an enormous gallows beneath the walls.”
— Richard Coeur de Lion by P. Henderson

I am mere paragraphs away from writing the opening scene as King Richard arrives at Nottingham Castle with knights Henry and Stephan.

I found this very cool book that gives me details on the layout of Castle based on excavations done since the 1970s. And because I want to get to the writing, today’s blog post entertains you with pictures I took when I visited Nottingham in 2010, and a very cool video from the Nottingham Caves survey, which shows the route of Mortimer’s Cave. Check it out!

I love my pictures, but the buildings didn’t exist in the 1190s. The gatehouse was built in the 1250s; the Ducal Palace in the 17th century

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    Very cool, Char! I want to see Mortimer’s cave and can’t wait to hear your scene!

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