blowing my horn…

It was a real pick-me-up when a Facebook friend pointed me to “Top 10 Most Prolific Star Wars Short Story Writers.” Hm…Heather asked if I’d seen the article – could I be on that list?

I scrolled down and saw the first set of names – hey, I know these people! How cool. Keep scrolling – best-selling, award-winning novelists, and other short story contributors like myself who had a deep love for the “galaxy far, far, away.” I was looking more at the names than the text and it took me a moment to realize the list was ordered, of course, by the number of stories written from lowest to highest.

Still scrolling… OMG! I’m #3!  Being 3rd never felt so good!

I’m truly honored to be recognized.

I’ve written or co-written 11 stories in that “galaxy far, far, away.” Check out the details on My Fiction page. And May the Force Be With You…Always.

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