A Certain Point of view

My short story, “A Certain Point of View,” is included in this anthology Star Wars: Tales from the Empire, compiled of stories originally published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal.

In 1993, I was fortunate to discover the Star Wars Adventure Journal, a new role-playing game magazine, was seeking short stories.

I submitted “A Glimmer of Hope,” a story featuring a rebel freedom fighter named Alex Winger from the planet Garos IV.

The rest is history. It’s even documented on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki!

I wrote 11 short stories, which went through a review process at West End Games and Lucasfilm. The following 10 stories appeared in various issues of The Star Wars Adventure Journal (published 1994-1997):

“A Glimmer of Hope.” also reprinted in The Best of the Star Wars Adventure Journal  (1996).
“Whispers in the Dark.”
“Mission to Zila.”
“Shadows of Darkness.”
“Turning Point.”
“Rendezvous with Destiny.”
“A Certain Point of View.”
“Betrayal by Knight,” co-authored with Patricia A. Jackson.
“Crimson Bounty,” co-authored with Rich Handley.

“A Certain Point of View” was included in Star Wars: Tales from the Empire (New York : Bantam, 1997).

The 11th story continued Alex’s story. “Shades of Gray: from the Adventures of Alex Winger” was originally published in 2009 as a web exclusive in the Hyperspace section (members only) of starwars.com; in Oct. 2012, it was made available by Penguin Random House and resided on their Unbound Worlds site until June/July 2019. Recently, I discovered that one individual screen-captured the original Hyperspace version, images and all.

One unpublished story, “The Contact,” a sequel to “Crimson Bounty” and co-authored with Rich Handley, lives on at the Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline. Rich and I had submitted it to West End Games (WEG) and had a signed contract, but it got mired in the dust when WEG lost the Lucasfilm license to publish RPG materials.

*Between 2004-2009, all these stories were republished on starwars.com with the exception of  “Crimson Bounty.” Unfortunately, when starwars.com was revamped in 2010-11, the short fiction disappeared.