the art of negotiating…

I bought a new car a few weeks ago. I hate negotiating. I hate conflict. I hadn’t bought a car for myself since 2000. I helped 2 of my 3 children buy their first cars and those weren’t pleasant experiences. We looked up car values on the Internet each time. I tossed out the ‘fair price’ figure to the car salesman. He liked Star Wars. It was hopeless. I quoted the trade-in value of my 12 year old Mazda, even opting to go for the ‘fair’ rather than good category. (I know – sucker!) Did I expect them to give me top dollar? No, of course not. But below ‘fair’? Ugh. Too bad they took it for a drive. If they hadn’t I might have done better but I would have felt so guilty! (For a moment or two anyway.) The only bright spot – besides the new vehicle – was the interest rate they finally offered.

Don’t you hate it when they leave you sitting there for 10-15 minutes while the salesman goes to talk with his boss about what they can offer? I put the time to good use and said ‘thank you’ to the smart phone gods. I pulled out my iPhone and after seeing the ad on my bank’s website, I called them to verify that I could get the 3.5% interest rate. When the finance guy offered me 4.75%, I said ‘no way’. He dug through his notebook and suggested 2.75%. I imagine I could have done better with more research and better negotiating skills. Please don’t tell me. I do not want to know. I’m happy about everything except for the monthly payments that begin in 2 weeks.

Do you have a new car buying horror story? Or have you whipped those car salesmen with your own amazing negotiating skills?

  1. Marie Loughin Avatar

    Ugh. I’m sure we get ripped off every time. Just not aggressive enough. Good for you, checking out the interest rate while the salesman talked hockey with his supposed boss!

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