trying to write when life throws trees in your path

Kansas in the springtime. Colors pop from flowering pear trees in shades of pinks and purples and bulbs poke their heads through the soil; prairie pastureland turns black from (mostly) controlled burning and the air smells of smoke. Within days, lush green spikes appear. Bradford pears bloom white for a day or two until a storm with 40mph gusts blow the flowers away. It’s a gorgeous time of year – except for the tornadoes.

The weather guys introduced a new term to me yesterday – Tor Con – tornado condition. (Has this term been around forever?) Apparently, northeast Kansas is on the edge of the greatest threat of tornado activity today – 7 or 8 on a scale of 10. Ugh.

Yesterday was a quiet day. No wind to speak of. So imagine my surprise when I opened the garage this morning and saw this:

half of my bradford pear tree

Half my lovely Bradford Pear fell across my driveway. Sigh. I’m hoping the tree guys, who can’t get here until 2pm, can beat the storms that are predicted to move in this afternoon. I don’t know if the tree can be saved. How sad. Don’t you hate to see downed trees?

Needless to say this put a slight dent in my writing plans this morning. My brain got a bit sidetracked. I’m at my desk now and watching the winds pick up. Time to hit those revisions. Both laptops are fully charged, so I’ll be able to revise away for several hours if we lose power tonight (though it’s hard to type when you’re squished into a closet with pillows & blankets over your head during a tornado warning). Fingers crossed that it won’t come to that. Now…on to chapter 17.

May you & yours stay safe from storms.

  1. cjhedge Avatar

    I’m so sorry about your tree and will watch out for the “tor con”. It sounds like a bad “B” movie monster! (Do you have a basement? Mine’s available at any time!)

    1. Char Avatar

      LOL! It does, doesn’t it. No, no basement here. I have a closet that isn’t on an exterior wall that I use. If company is here, they get the bathroom floor. No windows there, but it is on the southwestern side & has an exterior wall. Thanks for the basement offer but you know how quickly those storms can come up. Fingers crossed that they just go around us!

  2. Cathy Tevald Avatar
    Cathy Tevald

    You changed to Kate Wesley! I like it 🙂 Mike and I always liked Wesley for a first or middle name for a boy…but never got to use it!

    1. Char Avatar

      : ) You missed my post about the name thing… LOL! Interesting story that I’ll let you go back and read a few posts back. I like Kate Wesley, too! Has a good ring to it.

  3. Marie Loughin Avatar

    Or a convention where all the speakers are Tor authors…

    Sorry about your tree, Char. I hope you got through the night without more damage. That’s one thing I don’t miss — and, at the same time, do miss — about Kansas. The weather is definitely more exciting than BC’s.

    1. Char Avatar

      The tree guy said it was best to remove the whole tree. The next storm might have taken the rest of it. 🙁 But now there’s room for the maple to mature.

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