feelin’ small

“I’ve been through the cities and the towns
but there’s nothing like feelin’ small
when I’m looking down…” —Arbitrary Sky

When you see sights like this, it’s easy to feel small…

Minack Theatre - Cornwall, UK
Minack Theatre, Cornwall – May 2010
In other news…

I’m re-watching season 4 of Lost before I head into season 5. (Netflix streaming – I love you.) I missed the ending of the show after I cancelled my cable. I got tired of paying for 100 channels I rarely watched. My tv diet back then consisted mostly of HGTV and Food Network with a bit of TLC, and a few network shows such as Lost. I don’t miss cable. I do miss being able to chat with friends about shows they are currently watching – Sherlock (BBC), Downton Abbey, Dr. Who. (Hm…do you see a trend here? Brit shows – okay, I’m always behind anyway!) What I love about streaming old shows: I can do a marathon and watch an entire season within a few days (or hours). No waiting for the next episode. Unfortunately, that means I’m not getting my writing done!

  1. Marie Loughin Avatar

    Nice lyric 🙂

    Naughty Char >:(

    (Yes, I am a hypocrite.)

    Waiting for Canada’s Netflix to stop being a cruel joke before subscribing.

  2. Char Avatar

    🙂 Yeah, I like that lyric, too. Can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

    What’s the deal with Netflix up yonder?

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