• Find adventure in Historical Fiction

    Find adventure in Historical Fiction

    This September promotion features more than 40 books, including many award-winners. From Medieval to World War II – from the Americas to Europe, Byzantium to the Far East. Adventures in far away places. Find your next read!

  • Black Lilac Kitty names For King and Country Book of the Year!

    I am thrilled¬†that Cindy Harris has named For King and Country as her very first Book of the Year. Woo-hoo!! Cindy has been talking about books, writing books, and working with books for years. (Or maybe her work deals more with manuscripts since she works in a university archives.) Book bloggers like Cindy help spread…

  • Published a novel. Now what?

    I’m going to Disney World! (No, not really. I lived in Orlando 13 years – you’d think I’d at least post an image of the Disney castle.) Fellow author Colin F. Barnes posted his thoughts in late November about the aftermath of publishing his first novel. Time to compare our experiences. Colin (in italics) wrote:…