Black Lilac Kitty names For King and Country Book of the Year!

I am thrilled that Cindy Harris has named For King and Country as her very first Book of the Year. Woo-hoo!!

Cindy has been talking about books, writing books, and working with books for years. (Or maybe her work deals more with manuscripts since she works in a university archives.)

Book bloggers like Cindy help spread the word through their reviews, Facebook posts, tweets, and author promotions. I can’t thank her enough for singling out For King and Country with this award. I am honored!

  1. jadey36 Avatar

    Congratulations, Char!

    1. Char Avatar

      Thank you, jadey!

  2. susanappleyardwriter Avatar

    What a boost for you!

    1. Char Avatar

      I am thrilled, Susan. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Debbie Danielson Corbo Avatar

    Congratulations Charlene – and so proud that we’re cousins to boot! <3 🙂

    1. Char Avatar

      Thanks, cuz!

  4. Cindy Harris Avatar

    Reblogged this on Cindy's Notebook.

    1. Char Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Cindy. (And thanks again for the award!)

  5. Cindy Harris Avatar

    I still think that the Battle Scars Series should be made into a Mini Series!

    1. Char Avatar

      I’d love that too, Cindy!

  6. Alison Morton Avatar

    Many congrats, Charlene – well deserved!

    1. Char Avatar

      Thanks, Alison!

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