• Do you want to read a little science fiction?

    Echoes of the Storm You may recall that my first ever published story was “A Glimmer of Hope” in the Star Wars Adventure Journal. I always planned to write a sci fi novel, but I fell in love with 12th century British history (and with the two knights Sir Henry & Sir Stephan). Some of […]

  • Bookish talk – visiting Emma the Little Bookworm

    Many thanks to Pauline Barclay at Chill With A Book and Emma Mitchell for spotlighting #chillbooks awardees. I had the opportunity to ‘talk’ to Emma on her blog about the inspiration for For King and Country, the importance of awards like the Chill Readers Award, my other writing, possible future projects, and more. Check it […]

  • Best night of the week – writers group

    Thursdays are special. My writing friends take me to their worlds. We might spend time with a bounty hunter in Las Vegas or look over the shoulder of a small town Kansas cop. We are in the future – a bleak one – in the Pacific Northwest. We relive the turbulent ’60s in the South. Or […]

  • #luckyseven – excerpt from Battle Scars II: For King and Country

    I am editing away on For King and Country. Did I mention this book is coming in at more than 600 pages? (Almost twice the length of Men of the Cross!)  I am at the 75% mark on my edit, with a goal of finishing one chapter a day. That would bring me up to November 3. […]

  • Guest posting on Layered Pages Writers Series

    Why do I write? What impact has writing had on my life? What advice would I give to new writers?  Stephanie Hopkins poses these questions to me today on Layered Pages. Join us! ><><><><><><><><><><><><

  • I’d rather be writing… A story of beta readers and taxes

    I’m working on taxes this week. Normally I’ve completed this task by mid- to late February, but I wanted to get to “THE END” of For King and Country before I dove into the tax forms. Yes, round 2 of edits on the novel are done! I should have done the taxes last week, but […]

  • Me as a writer: 7 facts

    I was challenged by Lynne Provost to write 7 facts about me as a writer. I’ve been interviewed about my historical fiction elsewhere, so I’m going back to my writing roots here: 1. I didn’t pen many stories when I was young – the ones I wrote down were required for school. But my imagination was my playground. […]

  • are you stuck in the middle?

    Pulling one from the archives…. But with an update: I never did set daily word count goals. I have found I make steady progress if I write/revise at least an hour a day. I rarely miss that goal. What about you? Daily word counts? Or writing time?

  • One more step… one more word…

    At times, the way ahead looks desolate, insurmountable, and foreboding.We place one foot in front of the other– or in the case of a writer –we add one word after another.We stumble.We look at the blank pageand the page after that and wonder what words will fill them.We look back over our shoulder andwonder if […]