I’d rather be writing… A story of beta readers and taxes

I’m working on taxes this week.

Normally I’ve completed this task by mid- to late February, but I wanted to get to “THE END” of For King and Country before I dove into the tax forms. Yes, round 2 of edits on the novel are done!

I should have done the taxes last week, but then the first round of comments from my British beta reader, Julie, arrived via email. I had to know…  I could have been satisfied with the general comments in her email: “There was plenty of action and drama, as well as a few tense moments, and some lovely interplay between [snip snip].”  But I was weak and immediately dove into the details and found, to my great relief, she did not note any major concerns or plot holes – at least in the first 75,000 words.

I had just finished tweaking the manuscript based on Julie’s comments when I received the marked-up manuscript from beta reader #2, Jen. I’ve looked over Jen’s comments, but haven’t started on edits yet. I thought I’d be safe when Julie’s part 2 comments arrived on Friday. I’ve been good. I haven’t looked at them…yet.

Most writers recommend distancing yourself from the novel before starting on revisions. I know I should do that and let the story rest. But this is torture. It’s worse than facing the tax forms.

May your week be torture free, my friends!

Tax forms shared  as CC BY-SA 2.0 
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“Streckbett”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Streckbett.jpg#/media/File:Streckbett.jpg


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